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The Ribeira Sacra Wine Route extends across the land within the D.O. Ribeira Sacra, which consists of around twenty councils that spread across the south of Lugo Province and the North East of Ourense Province. The councils that form part of the D.O. are: Portomarín, Paradela, O Saviñao, Pantón, Monforte de Lemos, A Pobra do Brollón, Quiroga, Ribas do Sil, Sober, Taboada, Chantada, and Carballedo in the province of Lugo and  A Peroxa, A Pobra de Trives, Manzaneda, A Teixeira, Castro Caldelas, Parada do Sil, San Xoán de Río and Nogueira de Ramuín in the province of Ourense. 

Here is a land dominated by the presence of the river Miño and the river Sil, and criss crossed by other smaller rivers. The landscape is defined by the river banks covered in vineyards built along terraces, the river canyons and the numerous churches and monasteries dotted across the land from which the Ribeira Sacra gets its name – the sacred river bank.
This diverse landscape is characteristic of the region with its river banks teaming with life, the indigenous woods of sweet chestnut and oak, mountainous regions such as Cabeza de Manzaneda and el Faro and the wild river banks which have not been cultivated with vines.
Ribeira Sacra is an area of enchantment and traditions, of greens and yellows, of stone ..... the stone that forms the walls of the terraces, the stone of the monasteries and churches, the stone of the bridges, towers and forts. Stone....