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O Grelo

Stone fortress with history and very much charm. Located near the Parador de Turismo and the Castillo (Castle) de Monforte, it offers Galician cuisine prepared by great professionals using seasonal products. It has a private wine cellar excavated in a cave and air-conditioned.

Contact and booking: 
Campo da Virxe, s/n
27400 Monforte de Lemos. Lugo
Phone: +34 982 404 701
Fax: +34 982 403 600
gps: 42°31'27,20''N 7°30'34,61''W
Opening schedule: 

Open all year round (except from December 23 to January 4). Open all week long from: 1 pm - 4 pm / 8 pm - midnight.

O Castelo

Traditional Galician cuisine using top quality fresh local products. Specialists in homemade desserts. It offers its clients visits to the wine cellar and wine tastings. It has a large area for diversion and the chance to visit the Mirador (viewing point) Pena do Castelo, with a spectacular view of the Cañones (Canyons) del Sil and the vineyard.

Contact and booking: 
Doade, s/n
27460 Sober. Lugo
Phone: +34 982 410 299
Fax: +34 982 410 299
gps: 42°25'03,73''N 7°28'27,76''W
Opening schedule: 

Open all year round . Hours: 11.30 am - 5 pm (except on Monday in Low Season). Dinners (by appointment).


In the inland seas of Galicia the Mogay Restaurant offers tradicional cuisine that at the same time has been innovated, with flavours, memories and the sacred union between seasonal products and the Ribeira Sacra wines.It is located in the historical centre of the town of Chantada.
Contact and booking: 

Antonio Lorenzana, 2

27500 Chantada. Lugo
Phone: +34 982 440 847
Fax: +34 982 440 847
gps: 42°36'31,5''N 7°46'12,1''W
Opening schedule: 

Open all year round (Closed on Sundays). Dinner service by appointment from Monday to Saturday. Special events from Monday to Sunday by appointment.

La Viuda

A restaurant with more than 50 years of tradition with a polite and family service. Specialising in traditional Galician cuisine with a modern touch, taking care of all the details so you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere, that will make your visit a unique experience.

Contact and booking: 
Rúa Rosalía de Castro, 17
32780 A Pobra de Trives. Ourense
Phone: +34 988 330 902
Fax: +34 988 330 902
gps: 42°20'18,34''N 7°15'13,17''W
Opening schedule: 

Open all year round (except December 24 and 25 and 1st of January). Closed Sunday night.

Don Pedro

Located inside the Parador de Monforte de Lemos, this restaurant offers a traditional cuisine with a touch of modernity centred specially on local products. Next to the Iglesia (Church) de San Vicente de O Pino, of ogival style as a transition between the gothic and renaissance styles and with renaissance façade.

Contact and booking: 
Praza Luís de Góngora e Argote, s/n
27400 Monforte de Lemos. Lugo
Phone: +34 982 418 484
Fax: +34 982 418 495
gps: 43°31'23,37''N 7°30'37,04''W
Opening schedule: 

Closed from the 3rd of January to the 16th of February. Opening hours are 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm and 8.30 pm to 11.00 pm.

A Cantina

Traditional cuisine with creative touches, that bets for naturalness within an area that converges history and future, and also longtime yearning with avant-garde movement.They elaborate dishes made by grandmother with their own products wraped up en a cultural and artistic space, cradled in the Ribeira Sacra.

Contact and booking: 
Doade, 79
27424 Sober. Lugo
Phone: +34 982 198 717
gps: 42°24'51,21''N 7°28'43,98''W
Opening schedule: 

Every day from 10.00 am to Midnight, except Mondays during the low season.

Casa de Caldelas Shop

This is a shop with history where the customer can buy bicas (Galician cakes), wines, liqueurs, honey or jams, all of them handmade products from the area.
The shop dates from 1700, is located in the historical centre and constructed in magnificent stone. Its reconstruction was made with great care.
Contact and booking: 
Praza do Prado, 5
32760 Castro Caldelas. Ourense
Phone: +34 988 203 008 / +34 638 234 067
gps: 42°22'26,39''N 7°25'3,08''W
Opening schedule: 

Open all year round (except Tuesdays) .

Town Etnographic Museum of Quiroga

These town facilities are dedicated to the recovery and protection of cultural heritage in all its facets. They make a journey along the production of various singular products of this area like: wine, oil, chestnut production and honey, as well as other industrial products of Quiroga's land such as textile, slate, iron and lumber.

Contact and booking: 
Culture House
Rúa Real, s/n
27320 Quiroga. Lugo
Phone: +34 982 435 125
Fax: +34 982 428 808
gps: 42°28'28,78''N 7°16'05,30''W
Opening schedule: 

Open all year round (by appointment). (Groups and special hours must phone). Monday to Friday: 8 am - 3 pm / 4 pm - 8 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 10 am - 1 pm

Arxeriz Ecomuseum

Pazo de Arxeriz has an interesting collection of artefacts and is a member of the Rede Museística de Galicia (Museum Network of Galicia)

Contact and booking: 
27540 O Saviñao Lugo
Phone: +34 692 941 667/+34 982 031 040
Fax.:+34 982 452 554
gps: 42° 33'32,92''N 7°40'1,54''W
Opening schedule: 

Winter: From October 1 to May 30: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. Summer: From June 1 to September 30: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. Wednesday to Saturday from 5.30 pm to 8 pm. Can be visit any other date by appointment.

Interpretation Centre of Wine

The Interpretation Centre is located in the Centro do Viño building and its intention is to introduce the visitor to the identifying elements of the region. To this end, it uses very contemporary explanatory sensory effects and a documentary report with the most emblematic characters, exhibiting the Ribeira Sacra through the feeling of these characters. The tour finishes with a explained tasting.

Contact and booking: 
Wine Centre of Ribeira Sacra
C/ Comercio, 6
27400 Monforte de Lemos. Lugo
Tel.: +34 982 105 303
gps: 43°31'20,76''N 7°30'47,50''W
Opening schedule: 

SUMMER HOURS (07/01-10/01): Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am, 12 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm (Monday closed). WINTER HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday: 11 am, 12 am, 1 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and 7 pm. Sundays: 11 am, 12 am, 1 pm and 2 pm (Monday closed).